Moonwalk Rentals: Safety Tips for Your Child

Renting a moonwalk for your child’s next birthday party, or for your next group event, makes a great day out for all the children. Imagine the excitement on their faces when the guests all arrive and see the fun they are going to have! But any piece of equipment can be dangerous if it is misused, and no one wants the party to be spoiled with damages or injuries. On a moonwalk, sometimes kids can get carried away and get a little too energetic, so take the proper safety measures. Follow basic safety tips for moonwalk rentals in Missouri City to make sure the fun lasts forever.

Safety first

Safety begins with the equipment. When you are looking for moonwalk rentals in Missouri City, choose a company that is reliable and willing to be sure that the equipment is inspected, insured, cleaned, and in excellent repair when it is delivered to you. The company you rent the moonwalk from should be willing and able to explain what they have done to ensure that the equipment can do no harm to anyone. A good rental company will complete these inspections, cleanings, and checks both before the rental is delivered to you and after you return it.

Proper set-up

Before the moonwalk is set up, check the ground area. Moonwalks should be on a flat, smooth, even patch of ground with no sharp objects and ample space around it. There should be nothing to injure the children if they fall. When setting it up, make sure you have all the equipment needed and follow the instructions. Don’t take any shortcuts from the guidelines given to you by the company that provides you with moonwalk rentals in Missouri City.

Have appropriate supervision always

Place an adult who has been trained in safety to watch over your moonwalk rental In Missouri City, there should be someone at all times to make sure of these safety tips. Explain safety rules and proper behavior to the children, too. Don’t let them play rough with each other inside the moonwalk.

Know the guidelines.

There are proper height, age, and weight requirements when it comes to using the equipment, so be aware of what they are for your moonwalk rentals in Missouri City. Be sure you know how many children can be on the moonwalk at a time. If you have a big group, or some diversity in ages, then separate the users into groups. You don’t want bigger kids on with younger kids because there can be injuries when there are too many differences in the size, weight, or age of the children using the equipment at the same time.

Don’t hurt the equipment, either. One of the ways that children can be hurt inside the moonwalk rentals in Missouri City is to not take proper care of the vinyl. Any sharp objects, like belts, pins, shoes, or jewelry, can cause punctures and deflations.

Make the most of the moonwalk rental by keeping the safety tips in mind so the experience can be a fun one for everyone.