How long is my RENTAL DURATION?

ALL RATES ARE FOR A 6HOUR PERIOD. ASK ABOUT DISCOUNTED TWO DAY RENTALS @info@partykidsamerica.comor call us at 832-338-5611.

Is the price of delivery included with the inflatable and/or concessions rental?

We provide free delivery to the following areas: Pearland, Alvin, Friendswood, Rosharon, Brazoria County, Missouri city and Southeast Houston. If you are unsure about your area, please feel free to give us call @ 832-338-5611 or email us @info@partykidsamerica.com

What form of payment do you accept?

Cash is the preferred method of paymenthoweverwe do accept payment thru PayPal.   Checks are accepted from churches, corporations and schools.

What are your deposit requirements?

A $50.00 nonrefundable deposit is required for any order over $300.00. *Noteif weather is the cause of cancellationdeposit will be refunded in full.

What is your weather policy?

In the event of rain, winds over 20 mph, or temperatures below 40 degreeswe may reserve the right to cancel. In the event there is a weather related cancellationthe customer may reserve the right to reschedule at no additional charge. If the day of your event is forecasted with bad weather, we will contact you 48 hours prior to your event to discuss rescheduling options.

Will I be responsible for damage to the inflatables and/or rental equipment?

No.  It is not uncommon to have wear and tear on inflatables such as seemsnettingetc. If you find normal wear and tearlet us know immediately.

Yes.  If safety rules are violated due to negligence of not following instructions (shutting down in high winds, strong rain exceeding the max person on/in inflatable etc.) you may be held responsible to replace all damaged equipment.

Do you set up inflatables on any a surface?

In most cases grass is the preferred surface, howeverwe do set up on asphalt concrete and in some cases beaches. If you are unsure about the surface you need an inflatable to be set up on, please contact us @info@partykidsamerica.com or call us @ 832-338-5611

Are there special requirements when setting up inflatables?

We ask that you are not within 20 ft. of hanging power lines. If you reserve a wet inflatablea water supply is required within 50 ft. of the inflatable. Also, please ensure there is an electrical outlet within 50 ft. of the inflatable.  No worries if you are unsure. Feel free to contact us @ info@partykidsamerica.com or 832-338-5611.

Are we required to clean inflatables and or concession equipment after our event is over?

No. You will never be required to clean any piece of equipment after your rental is complete. At Party Kids America LLCwe clean all equipment after a pick up to ensure our customers always have clean and pleasant experience.

Are you insured?

Yes, all our equipment is insured and inspected by the state of Texas.  We can provide all certification and general liability upon request.