Everybody agrees — it’s not a party until the party food comes out! We wouldn’t be the best party rental company in Pearland and Sugar Land unless we provided you with concession equipment, would we? So, of course, we have some of the most fun concession rentals in town.

What was your favorite concession at carnivals when you were a kid? Was it the popcorn, or the hotdogs? Salty, savory or sweet? The popcorn machines wafted the scent of salty butter into the air, and a hotdog always tasted better at the carnival than it ever did at home! Recreate those fun memories at your next event with our popcorn and hot dog machines.

Below are our Concessions Products:

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine

Cotton Candy

Supplies up to 35 guests!

Snow Cone Machine

Supplies up to 50 guests!

Hot Dog Cooker


Single Slushy Machine

*1 Mix is Included with Machine

Double Slushy Machine


Sugar Land parties need some sugar! What could be sweeter than our cotton candy machine? We’ve also got snow cone and slush machines for rent. Remember making swamp water slush by combining one or more flavors? We have double slushy machines too, so you can make swamp water and other fun combos.

Kids are not the only ones that need a refreshing party treat on a hot summer’s day, so don’t forget to pick up our margarita machine for the adults!

Do you need more party equipment? Photographers, or photo booths? A cake? More food? Chairs? We can help you out with all that and more, making us your one-stop-shop for party rental equipment in Pearland, Sugar Land, Angleton, Missouri City and surrounding areas.

Our concession equipment is always clean, well-maintained and inspected. We won’t give you anything damaged or unsafe. Your objective is to throw a great party with amazing concession food, and our mandate is to provide you with everything you need in one location to make that great party happen. Contact us today to learn more.